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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Or at least we will make it look that way.

We were bored (Jay & i) and when we get bored , we get crazy. My hubby jokingly said we should shave Dunkie (our pug). I gasped at the thought of putting Duncan through such torture and said "how about if we shaved you? How would you like that?"

not at all expecting him to fall for it...he said yes.. how could i leave him alone now- he had just invited me to shave off all his lovely was a tempt i just couldn't deny.

after about two minutes of pondering whether or not it would be a good idea...(or rather talking about all the ugly moles that had to be hiding under that hair, or the awful bumpy head he must really we did it.

But knowing this event might be blog worthy...we took step by step pics, as seen above. He likes it and wants to keep it, I hate it with a passion.....he is going to grow it back!! :0) I cant wait.
Ive come to know: Bald men are sexi. Ie: Vin Diesel....Not all men are sexi least not my Husband!

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Bearded Lady said...

Yeah when you said you were bored and thought about shaving Duncan I went hmmm not surprising but when you said no lets shave you I just laughed but you actually did it! lol you guys are nuts.


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