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Monday, May 11, 2009

Skinney face...

....or at least it is starting to go down that path again. Yayness. lol. I have been on this drug called metformin which is helping me with my PCOS, and at the same time making me sick as a is the good part - I have lost over 30lbs with it, as apposed to not loosing a stinking thing doing outrageous diets, excercise routines, and pretty much screwing up all my organs putting my body through all these crazy things that the world tells you that you need to do to loose weight.
So you can imagine i am pretty happy that i am loosing some weight (not as much as i want, as fast as i want) but i will ((friggin')) take what i can get!lol. Especially if it is making my face skinny. Weird as it may be, i think my stomach, then my face are the two areas that i would vote for some weight loss in....everyone looks at those two things when they meet you, so it would be SO COOL to not be "as fat" there. Not saying that i am SO CRAZY UBER REMARKABLY SKINNIER than i was three months ago, but i am making progress...and that makes me happy!!
Ive come to know: I am happy to ((finally)) see some changes in myself; which gives me hope that i wont be a "fat cow" untill i die...and even if you dont see a difference, i do and hope and happiness are enough for me

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your advice! I did go ahead and make an appointment with my dr., so we'll see how that goes. I'm always so impatient though--it's not for another two weeks.

So the Metformin makes you feel yuck too? Rats.

Thirty pounds in three months is amazing! I've just started working on it, and I've lost five pounds in a week and a half, and I want to do a little happy dance. I can't imagine when I'm going to do when I hit thirty! (And I know I'm going to cry when I hit my goal, which is so far away right now...)

- Molly


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