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Friday, May 22, 2009

darn darn darn, burning ring o' fire

what is she talking about; u all think... the short answer??? my stinkin' bread
I have been "Suzie Homemaker" ever since i have been unemployed: cleaning, cooking, and "trying" to be barefoot & pregnant. Part of mrs. Homemakers job is to make sure that her family eats healthy, and i decided that it would be much healthier to make our own bread rather than the 5 dollar store bought stuff with all those preservatives. So i started making bread from scratch and found out that it is UBER MESSY and almost wrecks my whole kitchen with the "shower powder"...then i started getting desperate for a breadmaker and while garage sale-ing i found one for 5 dollars!! I was elated, untill i tried it at home and it started making weird noises that made Nicholbee (the cat) growl....(cats growling is another story) and then Dunkie (the pug) starts howling and doing his famous "circles" around my kitchen.
low and breadmaker has caught on fire....apparently an issue with the ring that warms the pan in the maker ( ring o' fire) So it was totally awesome to think that i was about to leave to go to the beach and then find out things are catching fire in my kitchen....what if i would have left??? The house burning down would have been quite the cherry on my cupcake of crappy circumstances lately. ug
so i let that be the past and with my birthday gift monies i wanted to relive the "bread dream" and buy another maker- this time shiney and new. CAN YOU GUESS WHAT HAPPENED??? could you not? I made one successful loaf of hawaiian sweet bread, but this morning when i made another loaf....jay has to come into the computer room to tell me that this breadmaker is on fire as well...AWESOMENESS!!!
So i get to take it back to the store as well as a toaster that we had under a 2 yr warranty that crapped out...and i am thinking this whole time about what jay says about God's intervention in things. Jay was trying to tell me that God has a hand in EVERTHING...and was telling me that if some things dont happen as i want them to, when i want them is because it is not God's will at that time...
so i turned it around on him this morning, trying to teach him, that yes; God does have divine intervention in our lives, but- he gave us free will and we are reapers of our actions....which means that we can choose our outcomes sometimes and we will have to deal with that.
for example: God does not think i should not be a breadmaker. He does not make my breadmakers catch on fire to tell me that i should not bake nor eat bread. This is just coincidence....maybe i can even learn another thing from the bread....maybe i can learn that even if God does intervene and tells us it isnt the right time to do something...he still wants us to have goals and work towards them, he wants us to be overcomers and show (maybe) how much we want something and are willing to do anything to get it...
so as i am finishing this post, i wonder, if this is really about my bread or my internal struggle to keep on keeping on with the things i feel are holding me back. Thank you to God for showing me a lesson with my crappy breadmakers.
Ive come to know: God wants me to be happy, and he wants to bless me...i just need to be more patient than i am... and i also can make bread without a maker...and that bread attracts crowds!! go me!!

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