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Monday, May 25, 2009

This must be the vaile of the faeries...

Today when i arose i could see the light peering in through my blinds... i tried to hide my tired eyes from the wisps of sunlight. I dreamt of rolling rivers and the abundance of fish caught on my stick rod fishing pole and tried to grasp all the beauty of my vivid dream as i awoke and started my day. As the dream slowly drifted away from my mind i began my normal routine...back to reality...back to normalcy.

But during the day i just couldn't help continuing to go back to my dream and remembering what it was like to be a child and have all the magic surround you in your normal daily adventures. I thought about how happy most children are just to carouse and play in the sun and how simplicity ruled their little lives, but that is the way they liked it.

No work schedules, society rules, traffic jams, dropped calls, time constraints, weight management, political views...nothing noteworthy compared to the flowers in bloom , the moist feeling of a dogs tongue on your cheek or the river calling your name.

i decided it was time for an adventure of my own....i needed a childlike euphoria, and i needed it right now.

So camera in hand i trekked out into my pasture, and amazed myself with the landscaping of our growing garden, the capabilities of a tree that would be the perfect place for a swing or a tree house, the "wheat" long and flowing in the afternoon breeze, and my favorite....the Vaile of the faeries...

The vaile of the faeries is a part in my wooded area where a creek used to run, and still does run when it is rainy....the whole creek bed twists and turns and is the perfect place for the creeping bell flower to bloom. I thought for a moment on the whims of a child and imagined what it would have been like if faeries were real. I pictured myself sneaking up quietly enough that i caught one of the faeries before she could disappear.... oh the adventures we would have had.

i continuously found things i could take pictures of and things i wanted to remember forever, things that made me feel the magic of this kingdom that i rent for 1100 a month...i felt so blessed and realised that i had been praying this whole time thanking God for the blessing he gave me, not just me, this whole world in the beautiful surroundings that we as adults take for granted on a daily basis.

Ive come to know: Whether or not faeries live in my yard, or if i will ever swing from the birches like Hemingway talks about....i need to be thankful for all the beautiful things God has created for my enjoyment...and i need to not take them for granted...ever!!Matthew 18:3 (NIV) And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

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